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Coming Home: A Journey of Healing With Horses

Full Day Workshop

Are you feeling tired and unmotivated?
Do you find it difficult to trust yourself?
Is it hard to care or even make decisions?

In this journey of life we sometimes find ourselves off the path of feeling whole — feeling safe and content in who we are, Coming Home will help you find your way back.
Through centring and mindful exercises we return to a place of trust in what we feel.
Through our work with horses, we explore being who we are in community.



The Creative Living Series:

             *Creative Codependence: Getting More Out of Life

             *The Art of Interdependent Living

             *Awakening to Boundaries: Taking Care of Self



Creative Codependence: Getting More Out of Life

Eight Hour Workshop or

Ninety Minute Presentation


Codependence can be described as attempting to secure safety, self worth and identity through others, but researchers find that it affects more than just interpersonal relationships.  We can be codependent with our careers, mates, pets and even our hobbies. As Charles Whitfield, author of Codependence: Healing the Human Condition, states, codependence is “the addiction of looking elsewhere. We believe something outside of ourselves … can give us happiness and fulfillment.” 


Creative Codependence explores the patterns developed in childhood that create adult codependent behaviours. Learn how to use these creative childhood tools to build support, trust and mutual respect in personal and professional adult relationships. 



The Art of Interdependent Living: Mutuality, Respect and Self Leadership

Half Day Workshop


Interdependence is the opposite of codependence. Where being codependent is about relating to the “other” in the hopes of getting your needs met, interdependence is about relating to yourself in a healthy and respectful way that ultimately serves your community. 


Through discussion, lecture and experiential exercises, explore the three concepts of Mutuality, Respect and Leadership so you can positively respond to the question:


Does this action, belief or thought serve me, serve the person I am relating to and serve my community in a healthy and respectful manner?


Awakening to Boundaries: Taking Care of Self

Half Day Workshop


·        Do you constantly feel drained at the end of the day?

·        Are you often negatively affected by other people’s lives & stories?

·        Do you try to please others but end up feeling empty?


Healthy boundaries are the manifestation of a healthy care for self. With healthy boundaries we can respond to situations rather than react and we thrive in life rather than just survive.


This five hour workshop is an introduction to energetically sensing where we begin and where we end. We learn what balance means for us and how to return to balance when we are affected by another. 


Through discussion, lecture and experiential exercises, discover how self awareness strengthens our ability to hold true to who we are for a healthier care of self.


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