What is BodyMind Therapy?

Much of what gives us discomfort in life — whether it be emotional pain, chronic injuries, beliefs or the way we behave — comes from a lost sense of what our body is actually feeling.  When past experiences or the opinions of others take over our decision making process we lose sight of what our body is telling us—we exercise when our body says rest, we lash out or isolate when we feel fear; we take risks when we intuit that it’s not safe. BodyMind therapy re-establishes the body-mind connection, supports mindful living, and helps us regain a sense of trust and safety in who we are and what we need to thrive.

With 20 years experience, I help people rediscover their inner resources in dealing with life transitions, loss, addiction, and overwhelming emotions. With a deep appreciation for the unique journey we all travel, I support my clients in living a full and engaging life.

BodyMind Therapy uses a unique combination of:

• Creative Journeying
• Energy Balancing
• Mindfulness

  What is Creative Journeying?

Creative journeying is our unique artistic movement towards healing. During the session I follow your journey through imagery, specific words, rhythms and/or body movements. I may also ask body-based questions from a communication system known as BodySpeak™. 

BodySpeak™ is a form of body-based communication created by Pietro Abela that successfully "updates" one's emotional system. What this means is that coping strategies learned as children have a way of persisting into adult life. Through questions designed to bring out a “felt-sense” rather than a cognitive response, BodySpeak™ gently explores these life strategies to see if they still work for us. With conscious awareness of how we are currently living we can then make informed decisions about the changes we want to make in order to live in creative abundance.

What is Energy Balancing?

Science has proven that energy is the basis of all matter including ourselves. Energy balancing corrects energetic imbalances and creates movement in places of stagnation—areas in our body that hold on to past and current physical or emotional pain. The practitioner, with hands either on or above the client, becomes a conduit between the client and the energetic flow between earth and sky. Energetic Balancing may involve directing the energy, allowing it to go where needed, or creating a place of stillness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness brings one to a state of presence: a conscious awareness of who we are, who we are relating to, and where we are standing in relationship to our environment. Mindfulness is the experience of being centred—deeply grounded and aware of both internal and external sensations. It is a life-long practice and journey. 

Mindfulness supports clients in becoming aware of what their body is feeling, their sometimes conflicting emotions and thoughts, and what is happening in the present as opposed to what has happened in the past. In this way, the client becomes a witness to all that is happening rather than a biased participant. Mindfulness promotes a stillness that allows for a true sense of Self-leadership to emerge. In Self leadership we participate in life with conscious awareness rather than being buffeted by the winds of doubt, hurt and external chaos.

How can BodyMind Therapy help me?

BodyMind Therapy effectively works with emotional issues, physical symptoms and lifestyle changes.  I have successfully worked with grief, anger, chronic pain, abuse issues and addictive behaviours. I help bring clients to a place of inner safety, where there is greater choice and space to live one’s passion.

What would a BodyMind Therapy session with Jo-Ann look like?

BodyMind Therapy can be done sitting across from one another on chairs, on a massage table or over the phone. If the massage table is used, I "run" energy either by placing my hands on the client's body or a few inches above (client's preference). This relaxes the client and supports them into connecting to how their body actually feels rather than how they think it should feel. While running energy I ask body-centred questions that support this connection while creating space for healing. 

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